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New Visual Technology is just focus on every size screen video advertising player products, it could be single screen, double screen, three screen or multi-screen player. The function and structure could be customized.We have video greeting card,cloud photo frame,advertising player products,include small LCD(4.3inch,5inch,7inch) and bigger LCD screen(10.1inch,12.1inch,14.1inch,15.6inch,18.5inch,22inch, 32inch, 48inch and 55inch)
The company also produced video brochure, video gift box, and video advertising peripheral products.
New Visual has experienced engineers for software and hardware, we could design the software and hardware by customer’s requirement for video advertising player. We have our own PCBA assembly line and the finished product assembly line. So, we could monitor all process from original material to PCBA and final production. Thus for providing the high quality products to our customer, and providing the best service to our customer.
Company philosophy: Make the best video advertising products manufacturers!

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